Technical data

Length of track: 48,5 km /main line/ (0+00 – 484+14,50) and some sidelines of some km
Present length of track: 17 km /remained from the main line/
Track gauge: 950 mm
Present track gauge: 760 mm (since 1961)

Track network:
mainly 23,6 kg/fm “i”
sideline at the station 18,1 kg, “v”
in level crossings in various places 34,5 “c” and “MÁV 48” system built

Further data:
Built-in turnouts: 10 “i-76”
Permitted axle load: 8 ton
Permitted maximum speed: 30 km/h
Biggest slope: 5,3 permille
Smallest curve radius: ~75 m
Number of bridges: 1
Number of culverts: 5+3
Number of stations: 4, out of which 3 operating
Number of stops: 5+1, out of which 4 operating