The Zsuzsi Forest Railway travels on picturesque landscapes of the Erdőspuszta (“Wooded Plains”) to the east of the “heart” of Debrecen. It presents its passengers with an unparalleled world of experiences, during the 50-minute trip. The light railway journey by the 140-year-old train gives a glimpse into the characteristic world of the homesteads, sometimes passing through the green tunnels built by the foliage of the trees. Leaving the bustling big city life behind, and the calm world and the idyllic beauty of the Erdőspuszta greets us. Its final stop at Hármashegyalja, fringed with beautiful woodland, is complete with hiking trails, a fishpond, observation decks, playgrounds, and picnic areas.

Besides regular services from spring until autumn, Zsuzsi offers various programs to student groups upon request.

Program preview

  • trip by the narrow-gauge railway, upon request by the nostalgy steam engine
  • intetarctive activities in a forest environment
  • guided thematic tours in the forest (herbs, mushrooms, bird watching, local history, nature protection, etc.)
  • hiking tours
  • star gazing
  • interactive bird shows
  • folk programs
  • yoga in the forest
  • outdoor film screenings

Programs are available only with booking in advance.
Upon request, please send an inquiry to