Forest and field

The Erdőspuszták (Wooded Plains) stretches in a semicircle about ten kilometers to the east of Debrecen. The area is popular for hiking and cycling. This tempting landscape is the location of lookouts that stretch into the crown of trees, the trail of the Zsuzsi, the Fancsikai lakes, bird watching, and star gazing tours. The landscape is characterized by diverse flora and fauna. The former large-scale lily-of-the-valley oaks are found in smaller or larger patches. The area’s rich birdlife is stunning, but wild boar, deer, rabbit, and fox are common in this area. Good-smelling pine forests alternate with meadows dotted with wooded patches of forest and wildflowers. From early spring to late autumn, the hiker can return home with many botanical experiences.

The tourist attraction of Hármashegyalja where the Zsuzsi Forest Railway terminates lies in the world of values ​​given by nature: the House of Nature, the forest playground and study trail, the open-air stage, the National Blue Trail, the lookout towers, and the Lake Hármashegyi, all it teaches the love and protection of nature.